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Literacy -

Looking at your name! enlightened

Can your write your name? Can an adult write your name in yellow pen for you write over? Can you copy your name underneath?

When you write your name can your cut up each letter, mix it up and put it together again?

Can you copy/write your name/letters in sand, shaving foam, glitter?

If you are not ready to write your name yet can you copy the writing shapes that I put in your home learning books?


Maths -

Model and encourage positional language ( next, on, above, up, below, beside, underneath) as the children play with small world toys eg

"Where shall we put the trees?" "We'll put it IN the field BEHIND the tree"

"Where is the doll?" "The doll is ON the chair"


Topic -

Science - How can we help save Humpty Dumpty?

Place a boiled egg into a Ziploc bag filled with different items to cushion the fall and see which one protects the egg the best:


Place your material to test in a ziploc bag, add the egg and make sure it’s completely covered by the test material.

Hold the bag at the top as high as you can and drop the bag.

Check the egg for damage.

Repeat for each material, if the egg cracks use a new egg for the next test.


Hope you have a cracking time! wink


Sensory or fine/gross motor skills


Making a glitter jar -

Placing/sticking on a line -



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