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Thursday 25-6-20



This week I'd like you to practise writing direct speech accurately.  This is easy to get right if you follow  few simple rules.  There are 3 different levels of challenge below.



This week I'd like you to explore how plants germinate (you may need to find out what that is if you don't know) and are fertilised.  I've got a PowerPoint that may help and a very simple worksheet.  If you can't print the worksheet, that's not a problem, just draw 4 similar boxes to show the cycle and process from germination to seed dispersal.  You can be creative with how you present your work too.  You could:


smileyMake your own powerpoint showing each stage

smileyDraw 4 simple diagrams, label them and write about what is hapening.

smileyCreate an iMovie or video expaining the life cycle.

smileyMake a board game with questions about germination, fertilisation and seed dispersal.