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Thursday 21st May

Art - Live Lesson! Break a world record at home! laugh


All you need to participate is paper, pencils and access to live stream link you will be sent when you register. smiley

The lesson is at 4.00pm so register before then. yes


Rob Biddulph is a famed author and illustrator of children's books. 


You may know him from his #DrawWithRob lessons that have gone viral across families during lockdown (and shared by BBC and CBS). Or you may know him from one of his books like Odd Dog Out.


On 21st May, Rob will teach the world a 30 minute art lesson where we learn to draw a much loved character. 


To beat the Guinness World Records title for largest online art lesson at least 10,000 people need to tune in to draw with Rob for a full 30 minutes on 21st May at 4PM BST |  8AM PST.


heart We love a live lesson in Carew! laugh 

Click on the link below to register. yes You DO NOT have to donate!