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Thursday 18th June











The cars above were all new cars in the 1960s. They are...

1961 Ford Capri

1963 Consul Cortina

1968 Ford Escort

1964 Vauxhall Victor Estate

1962 Austin Morris 1100

1964 Aston Martin

Research which is which! enlightened A car enthusiast (petrol head!) or great-grandparent could enjoy helping with this!  wink


Take a trip back to the 1960s here:


Your task is to create x12 TOP TRUMPS CARDS using x6 1960s cars and x6 other cars, then have a teeny game of your Top Trumps with someone!

Take two days to do this and use tomorrow too, as you will need to research the features and characteristics of the cars you choose!

Decide what Top Trumps categories you'll have. enlightened You could have top speed, engine size, year launched, number sold in first year or fun scores for 'cool factor' or 'innovation.' yes

You could use one of the Top Trumps templates I've attached or draw your own.