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Thursday 14th May

History - What was special about Concorde?




2019 was the 50th anniversary of the maiden (first) flight of Concorde, but why was Concorde so special? Why is it so important in aviation history?

Watch the video clip and listen to the radio clips below to find out more...




Your task is to do your own research and make a FACT FILE about Concorde.


Think about what your sub-headings could be - Speed? Design? First Flight? Famous Passengers? Last Flight? The layout is up to you, but should be a double page in your purple book.  You could draw a picture of Concorde in the centre, with your sub-headings and paragraphs all around the picture. You could draw a picture at the top of the page and write the sub-headings and paragraphs underneath. Up to you!  Don't forget a small introductory paragraph too.

This is a non-chronological report, so that means the sub-headings do not have to be in any particular order.


Take two days to complete this task. Use Friday too.