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Thursday 11-6-20


Find out about the history of Concorde

This week I'd like you to find out about one of our greatest inventions...Concorde.


Concorde was a passenger aeroplane that could fly at twice the speed of sound. The plane was built jointly by British and French aircraft manufacturers and was flown by British Airways and Air France.


Concordes were regarded as incredible aircraft that were beautiful to watch and were the result of great engineering and design. However, Concorde aircraft did not make money for the companies that flew them. Because of this, as well as a terrible crash in 2000, the Concordes were retired in 2003.

Here are a few webpages that will give you some more information on this amazing aeroplane.


Fun Fact!!!  At top speed, Concorde is a staggering 30cm longer than when its on the ground!  Wow!