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Comprehension ( Read the story to the children in parts then ask the questions for the children to answer orally and also mark the answers on the sheet)

Science- Can you make an egg float?

Have you all had a look at the SUBLIME SCIENCE link on our front page? It's full of great little investigations and experiments that you can do at home - great fun - but ASK first before you use anything from kitchen cupboards!


Today I'd like you to make an egg float in water. Take a look here...




Look at artist PAUL KLEE's abstract painting 'Castle in the Sun' below.

Look at shape, line and colour.


Design a picture of Caerphilly town in this abstract style. Use any medium you have - paint, felt pens, coloured pencils, collage, anything you like!


The link below will give you some tips!

Literacy- Toy Story Questions about the clip.

Literacy- Watch this video clip from Toy Story then answer question about it.

Literacy-Toy Story Clip- Questions and Answers