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What is Classification?

Scientists believe that there could be as many as 10 million different species on Earth! It would be very hard to study the lives and behaviours of all these living things without grouping them together somehow.

Scientists sort and group living things according to their similarities and differences. This is called classification. Scientists who classify living things are called taxonomists.


Read through the PowerPoint to help you understand classification in more detail then complete the activity. You have been asked to classify the animals on the Zoo Animals List. The animals will be housed in enclosures near to each other. Start by deciding on two groups to use to split up the animals, then split each group into two more groups. Carry on until you have classified the individual animals or you cannot split up the animals any more. The boxes for the first two groups have been done for you. Add a title for each group to show your reasons for classifying the animals in this way.


There is an example sheet to show you what to do.