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Living Things and Their Habitats:

More About Microorganisms


L.I. I can identify the characteristics of different types of microorganisms.


Run through the PowerPoint, this will take you through today’s lesson.


Forming Conclusions: Following on from last week’s lesson you need to observe your slices of bread from the mould investigation.


Complete the differentiated Conclusion Activity Sheet with your conclusion and answer to your question. Explain your conclusions and describe how you could use the results of your investigation to keep bread mould-free for longer.


Classifying Microorganisms:

Explain how Microorganisms are classified using the diagram and

information on the Lesson Presentation.

Different Cells: Use the Lesson Presentation to explain the main difference in the structure of the cells of different microorganisms, in particular fungi and bacteria.

Identifying Cells: Think about the cells shown on the Lesson Presentation, and attempt to identify which is a fungus cell and which is a bacterium cell.

Make a Microorganism: Complete the Make a Microorganism Activity Sheet («= Silver, ««« = Gold) with the name of your Microorganism, its classification and its uses or effects.