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 L.I. I can describe and investigate helpful and harmful microorganisms.


Read through the Lesson Presentation.


What are Microorganisms?

Describe and explain microorganisms and describe the examples of microorganisms shown on the Presentation.


Helpful or Harmful?

Describe the helpful and harmful uses and effects of microorganisms using the images and information on the Presentation.


What Makes Mould Grow?

Read the mould investigation described on the Lesson Presentation. Think about the examples of variables you may choose to change in your investigation.


 Complete the Mould Investigation Activity Sheet with your chosen variable, question and your prediction. Silver = complete the one star sheet, Gold = complete the three star sheet.


 Mixed Up Microorganisms:

Unscramble the anagrams on the Lesson Presentation.    

Success Criteria

Activity Sheet Mould Investigation