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Hi everyone.


Hope you're all keeping safe and well. I think we should have a bit of fun this week.  You may have seen recent videos on social media of people catching and passing on toilet rolls.  I thought we could try and make a Powis version.


YOU MUST ENSURE PARENTS/GUARDIANS ARE HAPPY FOR THIS TO HAPPEN.  I'll only share the finished product on this website if it complies with GDPR.


I understand that filming yourselves requires a phone or tablet and this may not be accessible to all of you but for those who can, I'd like to give it a go.


Here are the rules:

Films must be recorded in portrait mode.

Should show you catching a toilet roll from one side and then throwing the toilet roll the other (e.g catch from your right and throw to your left).

You can dress up smart or silly.

You can film in an unusual location, dance, pull faces...

There's no need to speak as music will be added to the videos.


Send completed clips to 


Good luck


See you soon.

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