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School Times - FPh Gates

A number of parents have raised concerns (via our FaceBook page) about the time at which the gates to the FPh Yard are opened in the morning.  Hopefully this will clarify the school's position on the matter.


As everyone should be aware, our FPh Department starts at 9am and therefore all of our children need to be in their classes by this time.  The gates to the FPh Yard should be opened by 8.50am at the latest in order to ensure that there is enough time for children to get into their classes.  In the past we have opened them earlier but found that lots of the equipment outside the classrooms was getting damaged by children, before school started.  


If it is raining, the FPh teachers have been asked to ensure that they open the gates at 8.45am and to allow the children access straight into the classrooms.


I would ask all parents to ensure that their children come to school dressed appropriately for the weather conditions and also to ensure that they don't arrive on site too early (between 8.45am and 8.55am would be perfect). 


If parents find that the gates are not being opened as per the information above, please contact the School Office directly or send a 'Direct Message' via the school FaceBook page.


Thank you