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School Changing Rooms & Toilets

A few parents have made enquiries about the Changing Rooms and Toilets in the School Foyer.

To clarify a few points about these, please read the following points:

  • ​The changing rooms in the foyer are no longer used as changing rooms.  This is as a result of 'safeguarding' concerns.  We often have visitors, parents, guests etc. sitting in the foyer and when young children are getting dressed / undressed in the changing rooms, there is the possibility that one child will walk out of the changing room allowing visitors to see other children in the changing room getting dressed.  Furthermore, young children have a habit of walking out of the changing rooms half-dressed, looking for an adult to help them.  This isn't appropriate if there are visitors sitting in the school foyer.  Children now get dressed for PE in their classrooms and cloakrooms (boys in one area and the girls in the other).
  • The boys changing room has been converted into Mr McCole's room (Caretaker). 
  • Until recently, the girls changing room were being  used as a toilet for FPh pupils.  Pupils were supervised to the toilet to ensure that they were taking turns.  However this room has now been closed as we're looking to  convert it into a 'Meeting / Pupil Support Room'.  
  • Pupils will now use the 'boys' and 'girls' toilets either in their classrooms or at the bottom of the stairs.

<font color="#00ff00">​I hope this clarifies the current arrangements but if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact the school office and ask to speak to me or send a message via the Website or FaceBook.</font>