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New Member of Staff

Family Liaison & Pastoral Support Officer


This week a new member of staff has joined our team.  Mrs Natalie Falcus has taken up the post of 'Family Liaison & Pastoral Support Officer' which is a new post for the school.  Mrs Falcus will be looking at ways in which we can improve the level of support that we provide for our parents but will also be supporting various pupils and groups of pupils throughout the school in a wide range of different ways.

Mrs Falcus will also be supporting the work that the school does in trying to improve pupil attendance and will be working closely with the School Council.

Over the next weeks, I'm sure you'll all get the chance to meet Mrs Falcus.  You'll certainly see here being present at the start and end of the school day (at the school gates and on the paths) so please take the opportunity to have a chat with her as she's keen to find out more about the way in which school can support parents and families.

I asked Mrs Falcus to provide a little bit of information about herself:


"My name is Natalie Falcus.  I’m married and have a 3 year old son and we live in Caerphilly.  I’m very excited to be starting my new role as Family Liaison and Pastoral Support Officer at St James’ Primary School and am looking forward to meeting all the children and as many as the parents as I possibly can.  You’ll see me in the playground before and after school and I would very much like to say hello.   In the near future I hope that we can meet for coffee mornings or learning sessions as well as coming together in one or more of the many rewarding and fun projects that we have coming up.  My role will involve working with families and to have an open ear for any ideas for improvements or ways we can support you and your children at home as well as in school and in our local community.  I hope to speak to you soon."