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KS2 Fruit Tuck Shop

As many of you will already be away, Mrs Grandin has been off since the start of term which is why our School Bistro (and Fruit Tuck Shop) hasn't been operating.  


We all hope that Mrs Grandin will be back with us very soon but in the meantime we've got another member of staff (Miss Doidge) who's going to run the Fruit Tuck Shop.


Next week (Monday 5th October), Miss Doidge will be running the Fruit Tuck Shop for Key Stage 2 classes and then she'll be looking to include FPh as from the following week - Monday 12th October - (next week FPh children will continue to have fruit provided by the staff in their class).


If your child is in Key Stage 2 and would like some fruit, they need to bring 20p per day and will be able to pour chase it from the fruit tuck shop at morning break.


Thank you