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Head Lice - Update

Following the information that we posted earlier this week re the school's position with regards to 'Head Lice', we've now received guidance from the Local Authority Health and Safety Department:


"Parents should check their children regularly and treat when they find something"


We have also been advised to contact the School Health Nurse to see what advice and guidance they can offer.  We've already done this and are in the process of trying to organise a time for parents to come in to meet the School Nurse, so that they can ask questions, find out the best way to safeguard your child from head lice and also how best to treat them if they have head lice.  we're also looking to stock some head lice treatments that parents can purchase directly from the school.


Finally, I've asked all staff (especially those in classrooms) to be vigilant and try to identify as soon as possible when they see head lice in their classrooms so that we can notify all parents immediately.


Finally, I'd also direct everyone to the following website which has some very good information about head lice, how to identify them, how to treat them and how to reduce the chance of your child catching them: