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Fundraising Help Needed

As you will already know, we have many children in our school that have mobility difficulties, several of them requiring the use of wheelchairs to help them get around.

At present, some of these children are unable to make use of the school minibuses and as a result have to remain on-site.

Therefore, we are trying to raise enough funds to purchase a minibus that is specially designed for those children that have mobility difficulties.  A charity has already agreed to pay 50% of the costs (£15,000) so we need to try and raise the other £15,000.

If you know of any businesses or companies that we can approach to see if they'd like to make a donation, please can you let us know either by contacting the school office, leaving a message on our FaceBook page or sending a message via the school website.  Furthermore, if you work for any companies or businesses that you think might be interested in making a donation (no matter how large or small), please can you ask if they'd be interested in supporting our appeal.

Thank you very much.