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BBC Filming Christmas Concert

The BBC have offered to film our KS2 Christmas Concert tomorrow (Friday 11th December) so that we can provide parents with a DVD of the Concert (we'd need to charge a small fee to cover the cost of the DVDs).  However, the BBC would  like to use 'snippets' of it for the programme that they are making.


Please can you let us know your thoughts, either by:

  • Sending an email response form the school website;
  • Leaving a message on the school FaceBook page;
  • Or, contacting the School Office first thing in the morning.


If you don't want your child to be filmed and included in the BBC programme, please can you let us know whether you're happy for them to be filmed as part of our DVD for parents.


Can I also remind parents that the program the BBC are making is NOT a 'Benefits Street' style programs.  It is actually for 'Week In, Week Out' which as many of you will know is a very well produced and factually based programme.  Furthermore, Panorama are also considering showing it.


Please let us know your thoughts. 

Thank you