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Monday 8th June

Bore da!  Sut wyt ti heddiw?  Dw i'n bendegedig.


Hi everyone.  It was so lovely to see some of you last week.  It really lifted my spirits, I hope you felt the same too.smiley




I have found a great activity booklet for you.  There are lots of pages, so try and complete two a day.  The tasks are to help you practise and consolidate what you have already been learning in Maths this year.


There is an answer booklet so that you can self check and mark your own work, but no cheating!cheeky



Activity Booklet and Answers



This week we are going to continue with the Space theme. 


Today, you woke up in outer space.  You are wearing an astronaut suit.  You are missing your helmet! Oh no...    This is your mission today...


1.  Draw a picture of the type of helmet you would wear.  Be as creative as you like!

2.  Label the different parts of your helmet.

3. Write why wearing this helmet is important in Space.




Your mission today is to log on to your Purple Mash account.

In the Topic section there is a Space project.  Take a look at the Paint projects and choose your favourite.


Either create a moon picture or a rocket or do both.  Don't forget to be creative and save your painting on your own file or the class file.  Enjoy.laugh