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Monday 30th March



Suffixes: adding -ing and -ed


Parents: In year 2, the types of spellings and spelling patterns that children are expected to know continues to increase. As well as further ‘common exception words’ (words that don’t follow the usual rules but are used regularly), there is a whole series of spelling patterns and rules for children to learn.


One of the methods which works well is ‘Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check’ – as the title suggests, children are encouraged to look at the word, say it out loud, cover it up, have a go at writing it and then check if it is correct. Having two or three tries means they can correct any errors.


  • These words look at how the ‘e’ at the end of some verbs is removed when ‘-ed’ or ‘-ing’ are added.
  • These words look at how the ‘y’ at the end of some verbs does not change when –ing is added, even though it may change when –ed is added. 

It is important that children understand how to apply the rule to all words, not just those on this list.





Healthy Eating


Read through the Powerpoint to remind yourself of the different food groups and the foods that are within each group.



Explore the different foods that you have in your kitchen. Can you find a food from each of the different food groups? Draw the items that you find and label which food group they belong to.