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Monday 30th March

 Bore da pawb


                  sunny/heulog                cold/oer               windy/wyntog               raining/bwrw glaw


  • Counting up to 10 with actions- can you count up to 10 starting at different numbers. start at number 4,7,3,2.


  • Find your favourite book and read it together. 

   Here is a nice Easter story about the Easter bunny -


  • Using, lego ,dulpo, building blocks, plastic cups/bowls (anything you can build with) can you build 2 different towers. Which one is the tallest/shortest?


  • Purplemash/minimash -  now we all have our logins, have a look around and have fun! don't forgot to save any work you have done into your trays so I can see it !

Parents when using the youtube links, please supervise your children!