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Our new story for the week! If you have this story at home ask a grown up it read it to you, if not you can listen to it here!

Have fun, keep smiling and know that we are all very proud of you! heart

Literacy -

Use the book or this picture to discuss the animals in the story. Talk about who you are going to draw next e.g. this animal has feathers, this animal has 1 beak or this animal has 4 legs!

Can your child guess?

Get your child to test you -Play I am thinking of an animal!


Talking Together

Once you have your pictures play a sound game –you make the sound the animal makes and your child holds up the correct picture or swap around and let them test you.

(This will be good practise for one of our games later.)

Extend this by using where each animal lives e.g. This animal lives in a sty, in a stable in a barn…


Maths -

Animal Characters

Looking at the farm picture together. Talking about groups -from the first page. Recall the animals on the farm with your child.

Paint or draw to make your own characters looking at how many legs, where they live and what sounds they make.




Sensory / fine or gross motor skills:




2. Threading cereal hoops on a straw!


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