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Hello children. I hope that you are all well and happy laugh

Here is today's work.


1. Read your Bug Club book. Try the phonics that I've set you on Bug Club and Purple mash.

2. Maths- Fractions-Halving

3. Literacy-Adjectives.

4. Art- Australian Flag and Indigenous Art- Purple Mash

2. Maths- Fractions- Halving.


1. Watch the Fractions PPT (Powerpoint) and answer the questions. You can use the Parrot sheet and fruit sheet to cut out and help you.

2. With the help of a grown-up find items in your house and work out how to halve them.

3. Literacy- Adjectives

1. With the help of a grown-up watch and talk about adjectives in the PPT (Powerpoint).


2. With a grown-up choose 1 of the adjectives worksheets and complete the activity.

At the bottom right of each worksheet you will stars, they will tell you-

Bronze-1 star *

Silver-2 star**

Gold-3 star *** (Challenging)

4. Art- Autralian Flag Painting and Indigenous Art


1. Go to your Purple Mash page and click on the 'To Do's'.



2. Complete the Australian Flag and/or Indigenous Art activity.




3. Save your work in your Purple Mash folder.