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This is our new book for this week, we are carrying on looking at Julia Donaldson books heart Hope you enjoy this one too!

Again, don't worry if you don't know the story or don't have the book, you can find it being read here:


Literacy -

Practise your letter sounds. Ask a grown up to write letters on a piece of paper. Can you tell a grown up what letter sound it is? Can you put the letters in  your garden and have a sound hunt?

Can you use the letters to make words? Can you use the words to write a sentence? Draw a picture to go with your sentence.


Use your purple handwriting books that I sent home to practice writing your letter sounds. Ask a grown up to write in the book,  like I have. If you have tried overwriting, can you try writing them by yourself?


If your child is not on letter sounds yet, practise your basic writing shapes (seen in other weeks) in sand, foam, chalk etc




Maths -


The Princesses castle!

Princess Mirror-Belle boasts she lives in a very posh palace with maids and guards to hold her fathers beard! Design your own princess castle or place in your home learning book and think about your use of 3-D shapes.

Talking Together

3-D Creations

Your palace may be made of things around your house to stick together –empty loo rolls/cereal boxes etc. Could you make a palace construction out of different 3-D objects around your house to make a structure? Can you take a picture so I can see it when I see you again? heart



Sensory / fine motor/ playing skills:


1. Make a toilet roll person, snipping their hair!



2. Practice your name! Ask an adult to write your name, can you place stickers/stick cut up paper over the top?