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This is our new book for this week's learning! Again its written by one of my favourite authors! Hope you enjoy it? heart

Again, it does not matter if you don't have it, you can find it here:



Literacy -

Practise your letter sounds. Ask a grown up to write letters on a piece of paper. Can you tell a grown up what letter sound it is? Can you put the letters in  your garden and have a sound hunt?

Can you use the letters to make words? Can you use the words to write a sentence? Draw a picture to go with your sentence.


Use your purple handwriting books that I sent home to practice writing your letter sounds. Ask a grown up to write in the book,  like I have. If you have tried overwriting, can you try writing them by yourself?


If your child is not on letter sounds yet, practise your basic writing shapes (seen in other weeks) in sand, foam, chalk etc

Maths  -


Days of the week!

The wizard has a challenge for the princess every day! Can you order a very special pattern –your week!

Practice the class song:


Each day the princess turns herself into different animals and objects to try and escape the  wizard. Can you match the day to the princesses disguise?


If you are not ready for this try:

Designer pattern outfit!

The princess loves her spotty princess outfit and the wizard has a cloak on.

Can you design your own shape themed clothes? Which shapes will you choose? Draw and colour in a pattern in your home learning book.

Sensory / fine motor / playing skills:


1. Fine Motor Work with A Colander

Love this new use for a strainer or colander! In addition to being a great fine motor activity, this unleashes imagination and keeps kids busy



2. Colour Drop Game

You can make this game yourself and it helps kids learn their colours in addition to fine motor skills.