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This is the book for our learning this week.  It's by one of my favourite authors heart

Again, no need to worry if you don't have it, you can find it here:

A video of the story -

A reading of the book -



Literacy -

Practise your letter sounds. Ask a grown up to write letters on a piece of paper. Can you tell a grown up what letter sound it is? Can you put the letters in  your garden and have a sound hunt?

Can you use the letters to make words? Can you use the words to write a sentence? Draw a picture to go with your sentence.


Use your purple handwriting books that I sent home to practice writing your letter sounds. Ask a grown up to write in the book,  like I have. If you have tried overwriting, can you try writing them by yourself?


If your child is not on letter sounds yet, practise your basic writing shapes (seen in other weeks) in sand, foam, chalk etc


Maths  -


Complex patterns - Making spirals

The snail has a very impressive shell with a spiral pattern on it.Practise drawing and recognising spirals. Make your own spiral dangler!

Talking Together

Spirals are a very special pattern. A pattern that happens naturally in nature.

Have a go at making your own spirals. Start from the middle and get bigger and bigger!

Different kinds of snail have different kinds of shell, some are long and thin. Have a look at the differences. Can you look for other patterns that happen in nature?



Take your spiral to the next level and make a spiral dangler! Take a paper plate or a circle of paper/card and draw your spiral. Cut directly on top of your spiral line from outside to the middle. Let your spiral dangle. Where will you put yours? If you want to make it more special decorate your plate first!


Sensory / fine motor / playing skills:


1. Spiral snacks! Make your own edible snail shells!

Talking Together

You will need:

Wraps, chocolate spread and a knife to spread and cut.

Spread your spread all over your wrap.

Roll up tightly.

Cut into slices

See the snail shells!

Have fun eating some subtraction snails!


2. Do a favourite jigsaw! How many pieces can you fit together?