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This is our new story for the week, it's not one that we have read in class but I know you love your minibeasts! heart

Don't worry if you don't have the book, you can find it here:


Literacy -

Practise your letter sounds. Ask a grown up to write letters on a piece of paper. Can you tell a grown up what letter sound it is? Can you put the letters in  your garden and have a sound hunt?

Can you use the letters to make words? Can you use the words to write a sentence? Draw a picture to go with your sentence.


Use your purple handwriting books that I sent home to practice writing your letter sounds. Ask a grown up to write in the book,  like I have. If you have tried overwriting, can you try writing them by yourself?


If your child is not on letter sounds yet, practise your basic writing shapes (seen in other weeks) in sand, foam, chalk etc

Maths -


Worm painting patterns.

Use your "Superworm" skills to make symmetrical art works. Explore what length your worm needs to be to make more complex patterns and the effects he makes!

Talking Together - Spoiler alert… we will not use real worms!

You will need:

Paper, paint in different colours and some string/wool.

Fold your paper in half to see the middle line.

Open it back up.

Cut your lengths of string to different lengths –making sure there is enough for you to keep hold of it when in-between the paper.

Take a piece of string, dunk it in the paint leaving an end free of paint to hold on to.

Talking Together

Next lay the paint covered string on one side of the folded paper in any pattern, leaving the clean end of the string out.

Then fold the paper back together and put your hand on the paper so you can feel the string through the paper and begin pulling the string out moving it around the edges of the paper.

(Remember to join in with the Superwormchant! )

It’s really fun to have more than one string with different colours. Pull the strings out and open up the paper and ta da! A super creation! wink


Sensory / fine motor skills:


1. Making coloured rice. We do this in school and the children love it!


2. Clothes pegs are a fantastic material for building finger strength. We use them a lot in our learning activities that the kids absolutely love.... ask them to hang out a number line!