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This is our new story for the week! I know lot's of you love looking at this book in our reading corner, so have fun! smiley

You can find it on YouTube as an animated video:


Literacy -


Specific collections

Have a look around your house to find a specific shape and make a collection. You could start with circles.

Make your own modern art display!

Talking Together

How can you arrange your objects to look the best. Discuss with your grown ups how you have done it. Where do you put the biggest, smallest? What position are they in?

Can you describe them by their properties?

Maths -

Shape Hunter!

The Hungry Caterpillar is full of a certain shape as he keeps on munching through everything! Do you know why the holes he leaves are like that?

Explore the pages and see where you can find them. How many circles can you find on each page?

Talking Together

The front pages of the Hungry Caterpillar are full of circles.

Could you make your own pages? How many circles would there be on yours? Does yours make a pattern? Think how you could make this more interesting.


A fun task for the week!