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Monday 27.04.2020

Bore da pawb!


Complete as many of the activities as you can today. Once you have finished an activity, reward yourself by doing something that you enjoy.




Sorting 2D Shapes



Can you correct the sentence by adding the correct punctuation?



Seasides Past and Present

Encourage the children to explore the PowerPoint, where they are going to look at seaside resorts in the past, comparing them with seaside resorts today. Explain that holidays have been taken for a long time in the UK and all over the world. Explain to children that they are going to think about what seaside holidays were like in the past by going through the photographs on the Lesson Presentation which show seaside towns and activities from the past. Discuss the transport, clothes, buildings, food and activities and help children to notice the difference in photographs. Discuss what seaside holidays were like in Victorian times.


Children to work independently to sort a set of seaside photographs into ‘past’ and ‘present’ categories.

Children can complete this activity in their workbook, the sheets do not need to be printed out, the children can draw the pictures onto a sorting grid.

Seasides Past and Present PowerPoint