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Humpty Dumpty


Listen and sing together this rhyme!


Literacy -

Share the rhyme together. Can you draw Humpty in your book? Don't forget to look at his picture and add details like his face, hat, arms and legs.

Can you write/mark make caption? eg hat, wall  ( ask your adult to write the word, cut it up and then you can stick it down in the correct order by sounding out the word slowly)  


Maths -

  • Order a large set of homemade number cards on a washing line.  Remove a card(s), what numbers are missing? 
  • Children fill in the missing numbers 0 - 5, 0-10, 0 - 20 on washing lines. (depending on your childs understanding)
  • Discuss biggest and smallest numbers. What is 1 more than 5? what is a number smaller than 7? etc

Topic -


Make a Humpty Dumpty. Collage the body by giving a choice of different materials to use and add arms, legs and a face.

Provide a variety of magazines with pictures of food.  Children cut out the pictures and make the collage?


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