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Complete the number bond tasks on PURPLE MASH and then record these as you wish in your books. You could put the number 10/20 in a circle in the middle and draw petals to write the number bonds in OR you can find another way such as making a number bonds game to make it a little more fun. I will leave that up to you and your special grown ups.


Morning class ended- DA IAWN, PAWB





After a light lunch, find a special place to read one of your books on BUG CLUB and answer your  BUG questions as you work through the book. (This is an important)


Your last task of the day is 'The Plant Diary'. Here you need to remember what you did when you first planted your sunflower seed and what happened on it's journey and what you think will happen in the end.


End this wonderful day with your special grown ups reading you a story or sing a song. (plenty on Youtube)


Ardderchog, everyone! Hope you have impressed your grown ups as much as you impress me.


Signing off

KEEP SAFE and KEEP SMILING you wonderful lot