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Bore da my little Munchkins and special grown ups!


Hope you and your special grown ups are ready for this! Let's start each day with a little P.E session

WITH JOE WICKS  (The Body Coach)


9am LIVE on YouTube channel

The Body Coach TV -


Once completed, take a well earned drink of water and then get ready for Literacy and Maths. I have allocated work on your Purple Mash accounts. Go to the alerts (bell shaped character on the top) and you will find your tasks for today.


1, Write a list of the 'ai' and 'oi' words in your green books.

2. Draw a picture to match the words.

3. Challenge yourself by writing sentences including these words. Don't forget those capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Also, remember to include (challenge) who, what 'doing', where and maybe when. I would like at least one sentence for each sound but I would be very excited if you could write a sentence for each word. GIVE IT A GO

Once Literacy is completed:


It's amser snac, everybody. A lovely cup of tea and a piece of fruit. ( Don't forget- Healthy Schools  Maybe the sun will be shining and you could have some fresh air in the garden.