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Monday 1st June



Hello Cyfartha, I hope you had a lovely half term in the beautiful sunshine. 


Our Maths activities this week will be linked to our Space topic.


Hal knows that you have all been very busy bees lately and you have all been learning to tell the time. Hal finds telling the time really tricky and he needs your help to solve the time word problems.


Try to complete as many of the challenge cards as you can and show Hal just how clever you are!


Note to parents: The problems gradually get harder. If you find your child is answering them easily, then move them onto the harder problems.


Happy Problem Solving!

Time Challenge Cards



Today's activity I'm sure you are all going to love....

I would like you to read the story 'Back Down to Earth with a Bump'. This is a story follows the adventure of a young boy called Hal as he tried to find the missing Sun. Will he locate where it has gone?

In this book, you will learn about planets and the solar system, as well as being introduced to the science behind the concepts of day and night.



Draw a picture of Hal  and write as many adjectives you can to describe him. Remember when you are describing him, not to just describe what he looks like but also his personality. What qualities does Hal have? Is he brave? Is he daring? Once you have written down your adjectives, challenge yourself to put them into a sentence.


E.g Hal is brave because he goes on a mission to find the missing sun.  


Note to Parents: I have included 'Talk Cards', if you wish to discuss the story with your child, the cards included a number of questions you can ask and through questioning you will be able to see if your child has understood the story.



Hello boys and girls!


This is going to be a very exciting week as we are starting a new mini topic.


I hope you all have your space boots and helmets at the ready because we are becoming astronauts for the week and we are on space mission to learn everything there is to know about....



By the end of the week you will be be fully fledged astronauts and will be experts on things space related! 



Your first mission is.....


Read through the 'Space Information' PowerPoint.


Can you write down five facts that you have learnt about Space?