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Monday 15th June


This week is the Royal Life Saving Society's DROWNING PREVENTION WEEK. Their aim is to enable everyone to enjoy the water - SAFELY. smileyyes


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In my opinion, it's not very 'child friendly.' indecision


Floating, if you fall in water or get into trouble in a sea current, is hugely important because it's the ideal position to help breathing and also conserves energy. This prevents drowning due to exhaustion. It gives others time to come and rescue you. In addition, falling into cold water causes 'cold water shock,' which makes you gasp and take in water. Floating enables your body to get used to the cold, so you can breathe normally. Fighting the instinct to swim hard and just float saves lives. Floating is SO important!


The Royal National Lifeboat Association - RNLI - have a similar campaign called 'Float To Live.'



Watch the RNLI campaign video here:


enlightenedYour task is to take the 'FLOAT' advice and turn that part into a super, eye-catching, child friendly poster. laughyes