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Monday 15th June


May 18th - June 18th is National Smile Month! laugh The purpose is to raise awareness of the importance of good oral health and put a smile on everyone's face! laugh


cool Read more about it here:


To me, the obvious thing to do is to revise how to use

bullet points! wink cheeky

Can you remember? Test yourself! enlightenedWhen do we use bullet points? Do they have to be full sentences? Must they always start with a capital letter and end with a full stop? What does the 'root' mean? What happens if the root has a colon like this : ? When do you use semi-colons like this ; ? Do you always have to use semi-colon ; ? Must bullet points always be a dot?


Read carefully through the attached powerpoint and posters to remind yourself how to use bullet points. yes


enlightened Your task is to use bullet points to write a list of things that make you smile! laugh 

enlightened Start something like this...


Ten things that make me smile are: