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Mission 8

Are you ready to start Mission 8?

Okay, let's begin!



Complete one your literacy phonic letter sheets from your pack or log onto Purple Mash and complete the 'll' 'ss' worksheet in your to do's list

Your next challenge is to complete the Phonics Bloom game.

Race against the clock to see how quickly you can finish this game.

Click the start button and choose a word set and difficulty level.

Read the word in the cloud at the top of the screen and look at the picture cards moving along the bottom of the screen from right to left. Fish for the correct card by clicking the top of the picture that matches the word in the cloud. If you are correct, the cloud shows a new word. The timer stops when you finish matching all the cards.

Your next challenge is complete the game Shifting Shapes!

Drag the shining torch on a hidden shape.
Identify and describe 2D and 3D shapes in your maths books.


Instructions for game:

Press the next button.

Look above the next button for tiny text naming the shape. If you don't want that shape click again.

Drag the moving torch around the shape to reveal its features.

Move the slider to increase the size of the torch.

Press on the eye to reveal all.

You can swap between 2D and 3D shapes.

Check your answers below. Can you add anything else to your work?

Your final challenge for today is to help Taff!


Problem: Taff’s best friend has asked him for his online personal details and password so that he can login.  He wants to look at Taff’s photos and profile page. What should he do?


Gwaith ardderchog!

Excellent work!

You have completed your missions for today!