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Mission 41

Are you ready to start Mission 41?

Okay, let's begin!


Your first challenge is to practice writing your letters by writing me a message on Purplemash.

To change the page colour use the tabs on the right hand side.

Can you play your writing as a video by pressing on the green triangle 'play' button at the bottom right of the page?


This Sunday is a very special day for someone. I wonder if you can work out whose special day it will be?

We are going to spend the week making some very special gifts for this person so once you find out who it is... you'll have to be a top secret agent and not show them some of the things that you are making for them!

Your 2nd challenge is to find out why we celebrate Father's Day!

Look at the Powerpoint below. In your writing/topic book write down what you have found out.

Your 3rd challenge is to practice counting up to 100.

Click on the link below.

Remember, the singing is more important than the dancing!

Macarena Count to 100 - Learning with Music - Macarena Count to 100

Macarena Count to 100 - Learning with Music - Macarena Count to 100 - Lyrics below Dr. Jean has made this video from her DVD Better Bodies and Brains availab...

Your forth challenge for today is to complete the addition and subtraction worksheet below. 

Your 5th and final challenge for today is to look at the recipes below.

Which one would you like to make this week for the special person in your life? 

Do you have all the ingredients?

Remember to get an adult to help you. 

Can you write down anything that you don't have in your literacy/topic book. 

Gwaith ardderchog!

Excellent work!

You have completed your missions for today!