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Mission 38

Are you ready to start Mission 38?

Okay, let's begin!

Your first challenge is to practice writing your letters on Purplemash.

To change the page colour use the tabs on the right hand side.

Can you play your writing as a video by pressing on the green triangle 'play' button at the bottom right of the page?

Your 2nd challenge is to find out who has 2 birthdays every year and what present would you give this very important person?

Listen to the story below, then draw a picture in your writing/topic book telling me what present you would give. 

Winnie the Pooh and the Royal Birthday | A Winnie the Pooh Storybook | Disney

It's a storybook celebration 90 years in the making! Watch Winnie the Pooh meet Her Majesty The Queen for the first time in this enchanting illustrated adven...

Your next challenge is to practice the 10 times table song.

Count 10-100 | Count by 10 Song | The Singing Walrus

The Singing Walrus presents Counting by Tens, a fun and interactive numbers song for kids that helps young children learn how to count from 10-100 by tens. T...

Your forth challenge for today is to complete the 10 times table worksheet below. 

Your fifth and final challenge for today is to look back through your writing/topic book and look at your favourite 1960 car and then look at your favourite 2020 car.

What are the similarities or differences?

Does one car need a key but the other needs a special button key fob?

In your writing/topic book fold the page in half and write down the things that you have found different on one half of the page and the things that you found different on the other half.

Gwaith ardderchog!

Excellent work!

You have completed your missions for today!