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Mission 37

Are you ready to start Mission 37?

Okay, let's begin!



Your first challenge today is to log onto Purple Mash and find the phonics challenge that is set for you (Mission 37).




Are you ready for your second challenge?

Okay let's go!

Think about your favourite car that you drew and labelled yesterday.

Close your eyes and imagine being sat in that car. Is it comfy? Where will you go? Who will go with you? What will you see?

Using Purplemash find Mission 37 (the journey) and write about your journey. There are prompts to help you on the mission.



Your next challenge is to practice the 10 times table song.


Count 10-100 | Count by 10 Song | The Singing Walrus

The Singing Walrus presents Counting by Tens, a fun and interactive numbers song for kids that helps young children learn how to count from 10-100 by tens. T...

Your forth challenge for today is to complete the 10 times table worksheet below. 

MNP worksheet 1

Your fifth and final challenge for today is the 

Memory challenge!

Ask an adult to read and help you with this.

You need: A tray with lots of small different items laid out on it.
Layout a scene on a tray. It can be of anything you like but toys or small household objects work well.

It is best to have a selection of unrelated items. Take it in turns to cover your eyes whilst someone else takes something away. You have to then try and guess what object has been taken away!

How many can you guess correctly?




Gwaith ardderchog!

Excellent work!

You have completed your missions for today!