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Mission 27

Are you ready to start Mission 26?

Okay, let's begin!


Your first challenge is to write your full name using your best handwriting in your writing/topic book.

How many times can you write your name in a minute?

Ask an adult to time you!

Your second challenge is to explore the Neil Armstrong web page and complete the Neil Armstrong quiz at the end.


Click on the link below!

Your 3rd challenge today is to practice the 5 times table song.

5 Times Tables Song - Numberjacks

Learn your Five Times Tables with Number Seven's: Five Times Tables Song! Sing-a-long 1x5 = 5, 2x5 = 10, 3x5 = 15, 4x5 = 20, 5x5 = 25, 6x5 = 30, 7x5 = 35, 8x...

Your 4th challenge for today is to complete the 5 times table sheet below.

Can you match the times table sum to the correct answer?

Your 5th and final challenge for today is to use positional language to put the alien in the correct place!

If you cannot print out the cards you can draw your spaceships and aliens or even create a spaceship out of Lego and use an object as the alien! 

Gwaith ardderchog!

Excellent work!

You have completed your missions for today!