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May Half Term Project!

The Urdd Message of Peace & Goodwill 2020



On Monday 18th May this week, the Urdd sent out its annual message of peace and goodwill to the youth of the world. smiley The Urdd feels that it is very that the voices of young people are heard globally. The first message was broadcast in 1922. The message is translated into 57 languages! surprise


Read more about it and find out how you can get involved on the Urdd website here:


This year's message was going to focus on women's rights, but it was changed because of the coronavirus. indecision

The message begins: “Dear people of the world,” and goes on to say nature has “shaken us”. We spend, waste and travel needlessly, and now is the time to act, it adds.

It tells world leaders: “Corona has stopped the clock,” and it calls on them to listen to young people and wake up. yes


Watch and listen to the message here:



This article tells you a little more about the message:


Your Half Term project laugh:


I would like you to write and illustrate your OWN version of the message. enlightenedlaugh


What would you tell the world about if you had a global voice? enlightened

Think about ANYTHING that is important to you, anything that you feel strongly about, something that is 'close to your heart.' heart


The message isn't long. The content is more important than the length! yes

Illustrate your message using one of the templates attached. (You needn't print them out, you could copy them. yes )

You could even record yourself reading it out, as in the video link above! smiley