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Literacy Daily Activities

Friday 3rd April - The Easter Story.

Watch this animated video of the story. Use the pictures to help you with what to write about in each paragraph. Write the Easter story in your purple books.

Aim for capital letters & full stops, correctly set out paragraphs, a variety of punctuation and lots of adventurous adjectives and adverbs.

Use these pictures to help you build up your story.

Thursday 2nd April - We are going through a difficult time right now indecision, but there are positives! smiley Many people have shown great kindness, helping and supporting others in the community. laugh We are all learning how to cope with this strange situation. We are learning about resilience, about who is ready to help us and who will cheer us up when we feel down.


I want you to interview your family about what they feel we learn in difficult situations - ANY difficult situation that they have experienced! SEE QUESTIONS BELOW...enlightened


Have a chat! No need to record in your purple book - unless you want to. yes

Questionnaire for interview...

Wednesday 1st April - Make your own wordsearch! smiley

Draw a grid in your purple book OR use the link below. yes


You can use words

  • about India
  • spellings from the Y4 list
  • high frequency words spellings

Write a list of the words you use as you write them into your grid. Ask someone in your family to complete your wordsearch. laugh

Tuesday 31st March - Discussion with your family. See attached picture & notes. Will painting rainbows help? Is it important to cheer each other up?

Monday 30th March - Fronted adverbials continued (and some revision.)

Friday 27th March - A Book/Story review

Listen to a story on AUDIBLE or read a story you have at home. Then complete a review in your purple book


AUDIBLE are allowing FREE access to their children's stories and books.

The free audiobooks offered by Audible Stories are divided into several sections e.g. Littlest Listeners, Elementary, Tween, Teen, Literary Classics, Folk & Fairy Tales for All etc.

Some of the audiobooks are narrated by celebrities!

You can browse through Audible Stories’ catalogue, or search to see if a book is available. To listen to audiobooks, which come with a synopsis and reviews, simply click or tap on the Start Listening button. Once the audiobook is playing, you may choose to rewind or forward by 30 seconds, adjust the recording’s speed or jump to different chapters. LINK BELOW...

Picture 1

Book Review headings for your purple book - Gold, Silver, Bronze

Thursday 26th March - Watch this i movie about a little cat called Pws!

Still image for this video
Watch the I movie a few times so that you can complete the work on it. I'll attach a translation too for grown-ups to help.
  1. Match the sentences about Pws up with the pictures. No need to print anything out, just write the sentences in your purple book and draw a little picture next to them to show you know what the sentence means. yes 
  2. Try the sequencing too. Just write the sentences out in the order they appear in the video. yes


Watch the video as many times as you need to. laugh

Here are the activities to go with the Pws i movie...

Wednesday 25th March - Punctuation revision and writing a formal letter.

Instructions for the punctuation activity are on the sheet.


Look at the Powerpoint to remind yourselves of the layout for a FORMAL letter. Use the planning sheet for ideas before you begin to write your letter in your purple book. Write your letter to Caerphilly County Borough Council, requesting that they help us reduce the speed that people drive past the school to less than 20mph. Remember to use paragraphs and set them out correctly!

Paragraph 1 - Why are you writing?

Paragraph 2 - Go into detail about the problem, give examples.

Paragraph 3 - What would you like the council to do? What are your expectations?


Sign off appropriately! - No  'Oodles of love from Sammy xxxx' cheeky no


Tuesday 24th March - We love a Welsh recitation! Learn the poem and add actions to your performance.

Monday 23rd March Literacy (Spelling) see below..