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Using hyperbole, similes and metaphors
Click the link to learn how to use hyperbole, similes and metaphors. There are 2 videos to watch and 3 activities to try.
Focus on Activity 2:
Can you write five sentences that include either:
  • hyperbole
  • a simile
  • a metaphor

Here are a few examples.


  • At the end of a long day, the carer muttered, 'My shoes are killing me!'
  • My family watched the video and Mum nearly died of laughter.


  • The kind nurse had a smile that lit up the room.
  • Their work was a rainbow of care and love.


  • The team of doctors and nurses worked together like the stars and the moon.
  • Each day, the Healthcare Heroes’ care for others was like a sturdy boat!

Top tip!

Add extra detail to your simile or metaphor to create a more detailed image in the reader’s mind. For example:

Drew was as hungry as a bear can be extended to say: Drew was starving! He was as hungry as a humongous grizzly bear!