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Picture News document


For today's literacy, I would like you to read the Picture News document and then choose one of the tasks from below. There are 2 options to choose from:


Option 1: Write the statement ‘Having a routine is better than not having one’. Split a piece of paper in half and list reasons for and against this statement.

• What do you think?

• Find out what someone in your family or in your class thinks.

Use your points to write a discussion text. You could organise your work as follows:

• A question e.g. ‘Is having a routine better?’

• Introduction

• Reasons for having a routine

• Reasons against having a routine

• Conclusion


Option 2: Create a timetable for a typical weekday before lockdown and a typical weekday during lockdown. Compare the two timetables, using the following to help:

• What time do you get up? Is it the same/different on each timetable?

• Is your morning routine the same?

• How much time do you spend doing schoolwork on each timetable?

• What time do you go to bed? Do you get more or less sleep on the lockdown timetable?

• Which timetable has the most routine?

• Which timetable would you prefer as your typical weekday?