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I can use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognise acceptable/unacceptable behaviour; identify a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact in the context of comparing cyberbullying to bullying in person and developing strategies for dealing with online bullying.


Success Criteria:

I can say what bullying and cyberbullying are.

I can suggest ways in which people could deal with cyberbullying.

I know why cyberbullying can be as harmful as in-person bullying.


What Do We Know?

Answer the blue and green questions on the Lesson Presentation. Look at  the types of bullying on the Lesson Presentation. Did you identify each type of bullying?



Use the prompts on the Lesson Presentation to think about cyberbullying.

Bully vs Cyberbullying:

Use the Bullying vs Cyberbullying Activity Sheet. Write about how cyberbullying is similar or different to bullying in person. Check your answers.


What Would You Do?

Read the different Cyberbullying Scenarios in the Presentation think about how you think the scenario should be dealt with. Read the suggested solutions on the Lesson Presentation and think about the discussion questions on the bottom of each slide.



Answer the questions on the Lesson Presentation. Looking at the final slide of the Lesson Presentation and copy down any of the websites that you would like to have available to you in school.