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Half Term challenge

Shwmae, my biwties!

Half term, already! As our topic is all about toys, I thought it would be cool for you to read about Pinocchio, the 'puppet' who wanted to be a real boy. Can you guess what your challenge might be!?


That's right, I would like you to make a puppet! I'm sure you will be able to find materials or empty boxes or containers to create your puppets. You may even find wood that your special grown ups could help you carve. Be as creative as you can be. Pinterest is a fabulous website to help with creative ideas.


Firstly, read the story or watch the Disney film of Pinocchio or do both. You could then compare the story and film. What is similar/different?

Which did you enjoy most and why?

In the original story, Pinocchio was a puppet on a string.


Next, whilst making your puppet you could listen and learn the song, 'I've got no strings' from the film.


Finally, you could make your own little story using your puppet and tell me all about your puppet's adventures. ( Playing in the garden, going shopping, going for a walk etc.)

Take pictures and record yourself talking about the adventures. No writing necessary.

Pinocchio story

Pinocchio - I've Got No Strings (Lyrics) [720HD]

Pinocchio - I've Got No Strings (Lyrics) [720HD]