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Friday Activities

Friday 3rd April


Hurray!! We've made it to Friday. 


I'm sure that you have all been working super hard all week and trying your best to complete the activities that have been set. So today, is going to be a FUN DAY!!



Can you learn to count to ten in a different language?


Can you make a shop using your toys? Make price tags and make coins to pay for the items.


Set up an obstacle course inside your house or in your garden. Time yourself to see how fast you can complete it.


Learn a new dance on JustDance on Youtube.


Make an Easter card for a friend in class.


Create a 'Thank You' sign for all the doctors and nurses.


Complete as many as you want throughout the day but most importantly have fun!

Friday 24th April

Hey everyone, it is Friday! You did another week! Bendigedig. smiley


Purple Mash Challenge

Go on your Purple Mash account and in the English section there is an interactive "Talking Story" called "Sally's Seaside Adventure... And Grandad Too!  It's really fun.  You get to make choices for Sally and the story changes depending on what choices you have made for her.  You will also practise your reading and Maths in this story.  Find out how many different ways the story changes depending on the decisions you make.


Go into the Topic section and find the topic "Seaside." Complete as many seaside games as you like. There are jigsaws, mash cams and more fun to be had! Enjoylaugh

Friday 8th May

It is Friday!!! It is PARTY TIME!!!


1. Decorate the garden or room with the bunting, medals, pictures, balloons, games you've created this week.

2. Make the party food with an adult.

3. Share your party plan with your family.

4. HAVE A VE DAY PARTY!!!! Yipeeeee...


Remember to have loads of fun and laughter!  smiley Pop your best party clothes on and have a blast.  laughYou guys deserve it. yes

Friday 23rd May


It's Friday! Well done for all the hard work you did this week.  High fives!!! laugh


Today you are going to sing and dance.


 Listen to Maddie's Do You Know? song about Floating and Sinking

Learn the song.

Dance and bop along to the tune. 

Add your own moves and get that body moving.

 Perform your song to your family.


Happy half term to all of you. Keep safe.

Friday 12th June




Practice your puppet show, using your stick puppets you made yesterday.  When you are confident, use the puppets to tell your space adventure story to your family.  Enjoy.laugh