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Friday 5th June

Art & Welsh!

Today is World Environment Day!


World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5th. The United Nations want to encourage the people of the world to protect our planet.  We only have one, there's no spare!  First organised in 1974, over 143 countries take part to raise awareness of issues that affect our planet.


I thought some 'nature art' would be very fitting for today. 

Your task is to create the alphabet out of natural materials like this:




If you can, ask a grown up to take a photo of your alphabet.  I'd LOVE to see them when we return to school!


As an extension, I'd like you to consider how the Welsh alphabet is different from the English.

Can you learn the Welsh alphabet - Yr Wyddor Cymraeg?

Look at the poster (below) and listen to the song (link below.) HAVE FUN!