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Friday 27th March

Bore da pawb!


It's Friday, woohooo!


Da iawn to all those who have worked hard all week and listened to the advice by staying in and keeping safe.


Daily activities:


Its Friday fun day today....

The sun is shining and the weather is fab!  Let's see how much of our work we can do in the garden today...


  • Sing number songs: count by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s (you can use YouTube on your tablet/iPad if you have one, maybe you could sing the songs with a grown up - that way you won't need any help from YouTube).
  • Practise writing the numbers to 10/20 - you can practise writing your numbers on the patio, using a paint brush and some water.
  • Ask your grown up to say a number (within 10/20), can you say the number that is one more / one less than that number?


  • Practise your reading book - you all have your reading things at home; you could go out into the garden and read them to a grown up in your house.  Don't forget to practise your sounds, high frequency words and the word boxes.
  • Practise writing your tricky words that you have learnt this week: the   was   I.

        Use a paint brush and some water and see how many times you can write the tricky words on

        the patio.

  • Practise writing your name using water and a paint brush.


Don't forget when you are writing the letters you need to start and finish in the right place and sit your letters on the line.


I wonder how many of your jobs you can do in your garden?


Have fun and remember to stay safe and well. xxx