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Literacy -

Today's literacy work will be as a "2Do" job on purplemash again. Log onto the site at:, put in your username and password and click on  the "2Do" section. If you post the work I can look at what you have done and write back to you! Can't wait to see what you do!  Hope you have fun!


You may be asked to do one of the following:

 - once you have read the book can you draw a pictures and write a sentence (or 2/3) about something that you remember!

 - draw a pattern for a pirate

 - investigate Mini mash! Go to the inside classroom, go to the green table play the jigsaw and matching games!



Maths -

Sea Shanties

Pirates and sailors are well known for singing sea shanties.

Have a look around your house with your telescope and sing the shapes you find!


Singing Together

Some Pirates went to sea, sea, sea

To see what shapes they'd see, see, see

But all that they could see, see, see was a …………….

At the bottom of the sea, sea, sea!

Far across the sea they went

Far across the sea they went

Far across the sea they went

until the day was over!




Sensory / fine or gross motor skills:

1. Create some sensory balloons, they can be filled with anything that's at home. Fill and let them explore!


2. Threading. You can thread pasta, paper, beads etc


You may like to try: